Business & Technology Consulting

Matt offers contracting and subcontracting services in a variety of forms that range from small, one-off projects to long-term maintenance. Most work falls into either data engineering or technology administration.

Data Engineering:

  • API Integration
  • ETL/ELT Pipelines
  • Data Visualization
  • Process Automation
  • Data Analysis, Reporting, & Dashboards
  • Database Architecture (Normalized and Dimensional Models)

Engineering Technologies:

Visualization:TableauPower BIMatplotlib
Database Engines:PostgreSQLOracleSQL ServerMySQLSQLite

Technology Administration

  • Cloud Administration
    • Managed Databases
    • Bucket/Object Storage
    • Elastic Compute Resources
  • Systems Administration
    • OS Maintenance, Pathing, Upgrades, & Transfers
    • Hosted Software Installation, Patching, & Upgrades
  • Database Administration
    • SQL Tuning
    • Database Installation, Migration, Patching, & Upgrades
  • Process Automation
  • Data Analysis, Reporting, & Dashboards

Technologies Administered:

Operating Systems:Ubuntu
Amazon Linux
Database Engines:PostgreSQLOracleSQL ServerMySQL