Matt Kingsbury is an experienced engineering manager with 4+ years in leading high-functioning, diverse and distributed teams and implementing best engineering practices. Proven strong management and people development skills including engineering mentoring, career development and technical oversight. –°onsistently recognized for excellent team leadership skills by supervisees and the company executives.

Responsible for executive engagement, strategic project leadership, technical oversight for major projects, and high-stakes client relationship management.

Areas of Expertise:

The purpose of this blog is to first and foremost get back into doing web development as that's an area of engineering that I've always found interesting, but have had professional interests take me other directions. It is a fork of django-blog, which I am contributing upstream changes to. Additionally, I have many topics that I've written about or maintained documentation for that I wish to share publicly about my homelabbing (self-managed servers which host applications) and other miscellaneous projects. You may check out my github for some of my contributions, which includes this site as well as a tool I am building called SSHaMan, which I use to manage my SSH connections to the various servers that I have: